Custom Original Penguin Golf Polo Shirts & Quarter Zips + Your Company Logo

Original Penguin apparel stands for originality and fun – it’s what you wear for the good times. Whether your idea of fun is hitting the golf course in an Original Penguin polo shirt or kicking back and relaxing at home, Original Penguin has your back for any occasion. This level of versatility makes Penguin custom apparel ideal for co-branding. All that’s missing now is your company logo.

But why a Penguin in a necktie? It's kind of a long story... In 1955, a Munsingwear salesman named Abbot Pederson was wrapping up a business trip in New York City when he decided to spend the last few hours before his flight in a local bar. After a few whiskeys Pederson was making his way towards the airport when he stumbled across a local taxidermy shop where he met his new drinking buddy – a stuffed penguin he named Pete. Pederson and Pete the penguin boarded the flight back to Minneapolis and tossed back a few more whiskeys and at some point during the flight Pete’s head was knocked off. A beautiful stewardess quickly sprang into action, re-attaching Pete’s head with Pederson’s necktie. She joked that a bird so dapper deserved to be immortalized, and with that the legend of Pete the Penguin was born. Ever since, folks at the Penguin brand have said it was born out of whiskey, wings (airplane), women (stewardess), and a bird (of course, Pete himself). What other brand can claim that exciting of a backstory?!