Custom Logo Igloo Coolers & Lunch Bags

Custom Logo Igloo Coolers & Lunch Bags are a good option to spread your brand on the go. Summer’s great. But it’s also hot. That means there are a myriad of problems that can develop within the contents of your picnic ambitions, like soggy sandwiches and soda cans that have gone warm and unappetizing. Luckily, Igloo is a brand that knows how to fight against the head. By offering products including coolers and totes that come with a wide range of convenient features—not the least of which are their insulating prowess—these products give you everything you need to “beat the heat.” All that really remains to be seen is your custom screenprinted logo for great merchandise, promotional events, and more.



Igloo Black Akita Cooler

As low as $45.59

Igloo Teal Blue Insulated 3 Piece Pouch Set

As low as $25.99

Igloo Red Akita Cooler

As low as $45.59