Custom Patch Capabilities & Products with Custom Patches

Adding custom patches with your logo to hats and beanies is a great way to add some professionalism and class to your corporate headwear. At Merchology we offer both custom leather patches with a debossed logo AND custom fabric patches with an embroidered logo!

Custom Logo Patch Embroidery on a Hat and Beanie

Products Available with Custom Patches Include…

Applications of Hats with Custom Patch Logos

When to use Custom Patches as a Decoration Method

  • You want your logo to stand out – a patch logo has more dimensional depth to it than a standard embroidered logo, so your logo will pop on your custom hats.
  • You want your decoration to stand the test of time – custom patch logos are much more durable than traditionally embroidered logos. They're much less prone to fraying and unravelling.
  • You want a professional look – custom patches are used by authorities like police departments, fire departments, and security companies for identification purposes, but also because patches provide an increased sense of professionalism and refinement.

Custom Patch on a Hat    Custom Patch on a Hat    Custom Patch on a Hat

When Should I Consider a Different Decoration Method?

  • You are not decorating a hat – currently, we only offer custom patches on baseball caps and beanies! However, that could change in the future.
  • You need your custom hats ASAP – creating custom patches and applying them to headwear is a longer process than traditional embroidery. Because of this, it may take a few extra days to receive your order. If you want the fastest turnaround times, standard embroidery is the way to go.

Next Steps

Start shopping for your very own Custom Hats with patch logos or learn more about the patch embroidery process. If you’re still not sure if custom patches are the right customization technique for you, check out our completed Guide to Custom Decoration Methods or contact us with any questions!